This June’s World Environment Day once again highlighted the threatening effects of climate change and our need to invest in sustainable measures. As energy costs have skyrocketed, many clients have begun to seek more sustainable and long term cost effective options. At Jane Elizabeth Architects, we guide clients through this process, giving expert advice on the many possibilities solar energy entails.

Some clients have also been encouraged to go green with the aid of the Government’s Green Deal. This programme could help you to make energy saving improvements to your home through renewable energy (solar panels), insulation, double glazing, heating and draught proofing; to be eligible for this scheme you can contact a Green Deal assessor. We have carried out many planning applications for these schemes, providing air source heat pump units and the location and specification of solar panels

Recently, we have acquired planning permission for an agricultural barn within a sensitive site for a small holding in Kent. The main roof will house new solar panels, allowing a new sustainable energy source to the main listed house. We work with landowners and farmers by helping them to use their land assets as effectively as possible. 

Yet within conservation areas, world heritage sites or listed properties, conservation officers are unlikely to accept solar panels on heritage assets. However some of our clients have sought permission for ground mounted solar panels, which were successfully permitted on the conditions that the panels must be positioned away from the curtilage and do not have an impact on the character and appearance of the asset.

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Will you go green?